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Apr 27, 2020

Heather Prost joins me on the show this week.

Heather is an End-of-Life Doula and Expressive Arts Therapist.

This time we're all going through of Covid 19 in a lot of ways is acting like a collective trauma on us and we're having to contend with a new way to be in the world. For many this can be quite destabilizing and challenging to come to terms with. 

We're collectively in some ways grieving for the lives and world we once had. But new states of being and new ways of life can come from this time if we really learn to listen to ourselves and what our needs are.

Techniques with expressive arts and such that Heather talk about are essential in this time to help us process what we're feeling.

To find more of Heather's work (and art!) check out some links below. The artwork for this episode is part of their 'Shelter in Place' series.

Instagram: @pinkwhiskers

blog post mentioned in the epsiode:

Peter Levine's Trauma Therapist Project Podcast 

The death-reminder app they mentioned is called 'WeCroak'