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May 19, 2020

Christopher Solomon joins me this week on the show to talk about Salvia Divinorum.

Christopher is a Somatic Therapist who specializes in using this unique sage plant for sessions with clients to help them overcome all kinds of things, including physical illness (from powerful anti-inflammatory compounds), addiction, depression, anxiety, and more. He's is a proponent of mindful low and medium doses with this plant, and we talk much around these kind of ideas. 

Salvia is a lesser known psychedelic, and very fascinating plant overall. I'm definitely going to have Chris on in the future as he brings a great perspective to this work.

Christopher does 1-on-1 work in person or over Zoom if you're interested in getting deeper with this plant. Find his writings, the PentaPipe (@salviapipe on Instagram), and get in touch with him at the website below.