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Feb 14, 2021

Lucas is a biodynamic farmer living in Vermont. Working in these ways with understandings of permaculture has given him the inspiration for his own journey and inner work. He is a Holotropic Breathwork instructor after having studied under Stan Grof and Tav Sparks.

Lucas is also a Warm Data Host, training under the International Bateson Institute. They do some online sessions called 'People Need People' which he invited me to participate in and it really made me want to get him on the show.

I've known Lucas for a few years online but we had never really connected until we decided to record an episode. This is one of my favorite conversations on the show yet so I hope you enjoy.

Megan Kelleher is the wife of Tyson Yunkaporta that we mention in the show, definitely check out Sand Talk!

Instagram: @biodellic

Book mentioned: LSD and the mind of the Universe by Chris Bache


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