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Jan 26, 2022

Jesse Shwaluk joins me after nearly a year away from the show! After a decade of close friendship I thought it was worth getting one of our conversations out. Jesse is a massage therapist near Vancouver, BC.

In this episode, we go on a deep dive on meditation and our experiences going to 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreats.

Stay tuned after the episode with Jesse, there's an extra few minutes talking about one of the worst experiences of my life, a bad trip off of a cannabis edible after coming back from my first retreat, definitely stick around to hear that.

Find Jesse on instagram @sheepotato


- Jesse mentioned Andrew Huberman and his Huberman Lab Podcast

- Video I had one of my first mystic experiences to - Live Nerve Stretch Kundalini Yoga

- My Vipassana retreat write up

-, the Vipassana retreat website. There's a directory with centres all over the world.

- The full episode where my bad trip story was pulled from