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Oct 3, 2020

Thomas Hatsis joins me on the show.

Tom is an author, lecturer, and historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, contemporary psychedelia, entheogens, and medieval pharmacopeia.

Tom has an incredible mind for facts around the historical uses of different psychoactive plants and herbs, even teaching himself Latin to be able to read and translate from primary texts to really understand the practices and minds of those in the past and ancient world.

Some topics in the episode are around ancient psychedelic history, different ritualistic use of these compounds, and hear about his book set to be published next year 'LSD The Wonderchild: The Golden Age of Psychedelic Research in the 1950’s.'

You can find his Psanctum Oddcast and library of psychedelic books, articles, journals, etc at 

Also check him out below:
Insta: @psychedelichistorian
YouTube: Psychedelic Historian 

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