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Nov 10, 2020

Zoe Helene joins me on the show this week. 

Zoe is an artist and cultural activist who founded the environmental feminism collective, Cosmic Sister (@CosmicSister), in 2007, to advocate for women, wildlife, wilderness and wildlife, and for our natural right to work with nature’s psychedelic medicines—our “co-evolutionary allies.”  She coined the term "Psychedelic Feminism" to describe a sub-genre of feminism, and believes that a true balance of power across the gender spectrum—globally—is the only way humans (and non-humans) will survive. 

In this episode we talk much around archetypal psychology looking at ancient Greek myths and understandings, and the importance of language and culture. 

Zoe recommends Christine Downing for a powerful feminist view of Greek Mythology and more. 

Catch her talk at MAPS Canada Lecture Series 'Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance' on Tues Nov. 24.

@cosmicsister on Instagram and facebook